Green Living Project (2007 –Current)

  • Executive Producer – Responsible for online content distribution strategy and partnerships as well as final creative of video segments
  • Field Producer/Shooter/Sound/Lighting – Responsible for producing the video segments in field

MediaSherpa,LLC – Media Producer (2006 – Current)

  • Disney – Technology consultant for Disney Corp, Advanced Technology
  • ARC, The A&R Channel
    • Director of Content Production: Producing original content for music video on demand channel (Producer, Shooter, Creative)
  • Media Producer
    • Editor/Shooter/Producer for Monaco Film Festival and Vatican Ministry of Culture
  • Photographer

Yahoo! Studios – Executive Producer (2005 -2007)

  • Producer / Field Producer: managed teams, logistics, scripts, shoots, edits and media delivery between internal/external production resources for Yahoo Games, Yahoo Tech, Red Carpet and Press Junkets
  • Project Manager: managed Yahoo Media Group’s asset distribution to alternative delivery mechanisms such as mobile and TV
  • Editor/Shooter: including story creation in field
  • Business Development/Marketing: New content development and distribution sponsorships/partnerships

Richard Bangs Adventures (Yahoo!) (2005 -2007)

  • Field Producer: Produced teams, logistics and media delivery from the field for 7 international assignments
  • Product Manager: Integrated and cross-promoted RBA show with Yahoo Go!, Podcasting, Travel and other Yahoo! Teams
  • Shooter (video, still), editor, and audio-tech in field
  • Reporter/Podcasting: Sundance Film Festival, FIFA World Cup
  • Business Development: Developed partnerships with key sponsors and trade associations for promotion via RBA property and content

Microsoft (1997 – 2005)

  • Field Media Producer, Technical Evangelist and Lead Product Manager
  • Extensive experience working with media delivery life-cycle from content creation to transmission to presentation platforms for TV and broadband

MSNBC: Great Escapes

  • Papua New Guinea: Field producer, photographer, audio interviews
    MSN: First and Best (article)
  • Heroes of Africa Jan 2005: Producer, videographer, video editor and audio interviews
  • Best Beaches of California: Photographer

Slate: Well Traveled

  • Costa Rica: Videographer and editor, audio interviews, and producer/photo
  • Montreal: Field producer, photographer and audio interviews (article)
  • Libya: Field producer and photographer (article)

Expedia Radio:

  • Field correspondent and editing for Moscow and Peru segments