02.01.10   |   Children Mending Hearts


I just got back from shooting for an non profit – Children Mending Hearts.Org in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. For those of you that do not know, the DRC has been in a state of war for over 12 years and by some estimates, the bloodiest war since WWII. A recent NY Times article  reported “…that 5.4 million people had already died in this war as of April 2007, and hundreds of thousands more have died as the situation has deteriorated since then.” Our own Alex Chadwick has also been to the Congo, broke the coltan story and is a fount of information on the place. We were not there to cover the violence but to cover what happens in the aftermath and specifically we were working with the children and women that have been arguably the most brutally affected by this war and the organizations that are trying to help on the ground—Women for Women and the Panzi Hospital/Dr. Denis Mukwege. The blog of our trip is here.